Why One Must Practice Kriya Yoga

By Yogiraj Satgurunath  Siddhanath

Kriya yoga is the science of the Self- the science of the evolution of human consciousness. It is not about religion, it is not about Dharma, it is about You. It is a tool which you can use to practice on your own to bring ease and order into your daily lives. To practice this dynamic technique you need not convert or undertake any purification process. It is a simple technique; anyone and everyone can do it. To practise Kriya Yoga, you do not have to be a believer in God, you do not have to be non-believer. You can be what you like to be and yet experience his joyous bliss and peace.

If you practice Kriya yoga sincerely, you may see that no material benefit will accrue but definitely inner life will become richer, more peaceful and full of bliss. Even if you are in heaven and your mind is a hell- You are in hell. And even if you are in hell or in a prison and your mind is bubbling with joy and bliss- You are in heaven. So it is not the place which creates a heaven or hell but your state of mind.

By the constant practice of Kriya Yoga you learn to still the ripples of thoughts in your minds lake. Both you and I and all of us know that the human being lives in a bedlam of misery created by their own thoughts. And try as we may, we cannot get a control those thoughts.

The Kriya yoga is a dynamic process of pranayam (Prana Control) through the spinal cord which transforms the latent impressions stored in the sub conscious mind into positive life force energy growth. When the breath moves in the spinal cord in the Kriya breath, it contacts certain astral plexuses known as the pranic lotuses- the chakras. When the breath passes through the chakras it nullifies negative Karmas along with bodily disease, mental disease of stress and tension and emotional suffering.

Holding your astral chakras is the DNA, the personal genome of each individual that is the secret of his being. The DNA has four nitrogen nubs which records all actions past, present and future of the individual. Nobody can escape from this memory of the gene.

The kriya breath moved in the spinal cord with intent and concentration generates the power to rub out this record in the DNA nullifying it. By this frictional effect the three Karmas- sanchit, prarabdha and bhavishya, past, present and future stored in the chakras and the limbic system of the brain and analogous to the DNA are gradually wiped out. This depends on the dedication and steadfastness of the practice of Kriya yoga.

Just like there is tinder in the fire, you rub the tinder and the fire manifests,
There is oil in the seed, you squeeze the seed, the oil manifests,
There is butter in the milk, you churn the milk, and the butter manifests,
So also, there is God in the man, you breathe the man, and God manifests

And this breathing process is called the divine Kriya Yoga, which is very scientific, yet has its roots in the soils of love, without which the science part of it cannot flower. So, it ís a well-balanced technique of the left and right brain of science, that is rationality, and love.

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