I’ve been regularly practicing Kundalini Kriya Yoga for over 6 months. It’s an amazing experience. I feel more centered, energetic and calmer than ever before. It helps me relax and relieve stress. — Nisanth, Sydney

In 2013, I got initiated into Kriya yoga in Sydney and have been practising it since then. The teacher in Sydney often mentioned about energy transmission from gurunath and I wonder how it would be as I had never experienced it before. So when I heard about the special camp – Shadchakra Shuddhi and Rejuvenation Retreat, I was very excited and did not want to miss it. Read the full testimonial here –Subu, Sydney

I experienced a type of tunnel vision and increased volume of voice while watching and listening to Siddhanath. I am completely aware of how loud and clear his voice is compared to the volume of my usually loud thoughts. I was able to watch, listen and actively participate in this experience without any level of distraction, agitation and fuss that I generally created for myself during meditation. I even had moments where I was thinking ‘Where are the thoughts?!’ for they were few and very far between. This clarity and quiet of mind offered me peace and tranquility, something I have to work hard for physically in a yoga practice! Read the full testimonial here — Nicole, Syndey

I became addicted to watch Gurunath’s available videos every day and as I am familiar with meditation I decided to meditate on his picture as he described in one of the video, if you believe that I can come through so I would come through. Once I was meditating on his picture, I saw him sitting in front of me and beautiful golden light was coming through his heart to mine and from mine to his. Of course his golden light was much dense and powerful than mine and my whole body was warm and shaking a bit like you turned on an engine in your center which is vibrating you. After a while, he disappeared in air in the form of water vapor. Then this white vapor went through my nose to my lungs. My breath became deep and stopped for several seconds. Then the white vapor came out through my nose and shaped the Gurunath again in front of me. Only at the Kriya Yoga initiation I got familiar that what happened to me is golden lotus technique in which Gurunath connects with you and give you peace for meditation. Read the full testimonial here —  Nazila, Melbourne

Since I was initiated to Kriya Yoga and practicing for a while, I wanted to see Gurunath in person. I had several experiences with him although I was in Melbourne and far away from him living in Pune. In April 2015, I had the opportunity to be in the Ashram and see him in person for the first time. When I was in taxi travelling from Mumbai airport to Pune, I kept asking myself that would I have any special experience in the ashram or it may just be a pilgrimage with fun and making new friends? Read the full testimonial here –Nazila, Melbourne

I heard about Kriya Yoga from my colleague and set to Sydney to learn as there is no teacher available in Melbourne. It was only myself and the appointed teacher in a studio. I don’t know what to expect, only to learn the kriya. As the course started I smelt a very intense jasmine fragrance. It lasted for quite sometime and then as I was being initiated into the kriya, again the jasmine scent detected but this time it was milder. I was very curious about it, and I asked the teacher if he had smelt it too, to my surprise, he said no. How could one not smell it as it was so strong. I arrived home in Melbourne that Sunday evening, I had a lot of running around to get things done, instead of feeling tire and exhausted, I felt that my body has been rejuvenated and energised, I didn’t sleep much that night. I thought I will be dead tired the next day, but no…. not even a bit of it. Read the full testimonial here — Lin, Melbourne