Siddhanath Forest Ashram Testimonial Subu

In 2013, I got initiated into Kriya yoga in Sydney and have been practising it since then. The teacher in Sydney often mentioned about energy transmission from gurunath and I wonder how it would be as I had never experienced it before. So when I heard about the special camp – Shadchakra Shuddhi and Rejuvenation Retreat, I was very excited and did not want to miss it. It was a 10 day stay at ashram (April 6th – April 15th 2015), but the actual retreat was for 3 days. I decided to be there at the Ashram in Pune for full 10 days.

Pune is bustling city with tall buildings and people everywhere but the moment you reach ashram I felt I was in a different planet. The Ashram is located within a forest and is totally quiet, serene and the place is supercharged with Gurunath’s energy.

Reaching early for the retreat was a plus for me, since I could relax and unwind and be ready for the camp. I was very lucky enough to have had Gurunath present at the camp for whole 10 days.  Every morning we used to have informal satsangs with Gurunath over breakfast (and many more during the day & night). On the third day of the camp, I was sitting with Gurunath over breakfast and Gurunath was just having a casual chat us us. This is when I felt a steady flow of heat wave hitting my body (clearly it was morning and was a bit overcast) then It struck me that this was Gurunath who radiating his energy. I was totally zonked and was in bliss.

During the 3 day camp the techniques Gurunath taught us, I clearly knew that he was doing all the techniques in me (as the previous day he mentioned that all the techniques he is going to initiate us, he will be doing 90% of work and we have to do 10%). It was totally true! After the second day of the camp, my head was really heavy and really sleepy. That night I had the most peaceful sleep I had in a while and my mind being so clear and felt peace inside. I am very grateful to have been here at the ashram before my Guru’s presence. – Subu Anantram – Sydney