I heard about Kriya Yoga from my colleague and set to Sydney to learn as there is no teacher available in Melbourne. It was only myself and the appointed teacher in a studio. I don’t know what to expect, only to learn the kriya. As the course started I smelt a very intense jasmine fragrance. It lasted for quite sometime and then as I was being initiated into the kriya, again the jasmine scent detected but this time it was milder. I was very curious about it, and I asked the teacher if he had smelt it too, to my surprise, he said no. How could one not smell it as it was so strong. I arrived home in Melbourne that Sunday evening, I had a lot of running around to get things done, instead of feeling tire and exhausted, I felt that my body has been rejuvenated and energised, I didn’t sleep much that night. I thought I will be dead tired the next day, but no…. not even a bit of it.

I then set to go to India to attend the advance course run by Gurunath himself, many people said that they felt such a strong energy from the place and with the present of the Satguru. I to be honest, don’t feel anything of those sort. Having said that, it was scorching hot at that period and it was so hard for me to sleep, so for me, my whole stay there was only sleepless night. Fortunately I didn’t feel tired at all, I guess this must have been the work of energy that others were mentioning. It manifested differently for different people.

On one of the Satsang, the Satguru said that now he is going to breathe into each of everyone’s breath, in my mind I was wondering how on earth He is going to do that??????????? We were told to do our kriya and breathe through our spine, and that He will come into our breath when He claps His hand. Wow, what an experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!! After few moments, my breath had come to end and I no longer can take in any more air, but I felt that there is something still continue to ascend in my spine for sometime, it is wield but feeling great at the same time. Gurunath also share with us His Samadhi which I have never experience it so far. It was such peaceful and blissful experience and it is so potent than any ecstasy one can obtain. —-Lin, Melbourne.

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