I was searching the net to get information about Tibetan masters and stumbled on Gurunath’s video where he was chanting a secret mantra for healing. I saw the video and was wondering if this would be true or not because I saw many such people who postulated they that have healing power’s but they were fraudulent and only money and popularity were their god. Thus, I decided to examine Gurunath’s video to see and feel if it is working or not. I sat and asked him if it is true show me and heal me, please. For the first time nothing happened and I got disappointed but tried it for the last chance. All of a sudden, my mind got clear and there was no single thought. As I was enjoying the happiness of no mind state, I felt a warm energy in my body. When the mantra finished I opened my eyes and realized that I am still happy without any reason. I enjoyed the whole process so much that I did it several times and searched for other Gurunath video’s on YouTube. After a while, I realized that my severe allergy which I was suffering for several years has gone! It was unbelievable and shocking.

I became addicted to watch Gurunath’s available videos every day and as I am familiar with meditation I decided to meditate on his picture as he described in one of the video, if you believe that I can come through so I would come through. Once I was meditating on his picture, I saw him sitting in front of me and beautiful golden light was coming through his heart to mine and from mine to his. Of course his golden light was much dense and powerful than mine and my whole body was warm and shaking a bit like you turned on an engine in your center which is vibrating you. After a while, he disappeared in air in the form of water vapor. Then this white vapor went through my nose to my lungs. My breath became deep and stopped for several seconds. Then the white vapor came out through my nose and shaped the Gurunath again in front of me. Only at the Kriya Yoga initiation I got familiar that what happened to me is golden lotus technique in which Gurunath connects with you and give you peace for meditation. Again unbelievable story! Since I was watching Gurunath’s video enthusiastically to discover who he is, I stumbled on a video in which Gurunath says do concentration on spinal cord. I did not know exactly how to do the technique because he did not explain the method but I eagerly wanted to try that. So for several days I did the wrong and incomplete technique which cost me back pain. I could not sit and I was really scared to what to do. I talked to Gurunath picture, explained him what happened and ask him to help. It was afternoon and I was lying on my bed with Gurunath’s picture in my hand. I did not realized when I went to sleep but I completely remember what happened in dream to me. I felt a warm energy in my body and this energy was going up and down through my spine. It hit several times to the painful point in my spine that I could feel the pain. When I woke up, my body was extremely warm, my face was completely red and the pain was gone. During several days after that, my appetite changed for unknown reason and I did not feel hungry. It was like you are connected to the other source of energy. Through this period before initiation into Kriya yoga, two times I saw a fire snake coming vigorously towards my third eye, while my physical eyes were closed and I was trying to sleep. It was scary and I did not realize the meaning.

Another experience happened the other night again while I was trying to sleep. I felt energy is turning around my naval like that somebody put his finger around your naval and turn it around it. I wondered what is going on and later on understood that Gurunath is connected to his disciples via the third eye, the naval center and the heart chakra. He also does energy surgery in his disciple’s chakras and balances the energy in chakras. I really appreciate his great job and his unconditional love for every human being who feels lonely and asks his help. – Nazila, Melbourne

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