I met Anand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney in May, and was instantly magnetized towards him and finding out a little more about Kriya Yoga. I had a very basic understanding of this yoga, having always practiced physical asanas and pranayama for more than 8 years I have been contemplating the evolution of my path to Yoga and was ecstatic to see Kriya being offered in Sydney, in the form of an information evening and initiation.
There were 5 places up for grabs in the form of a competition and then and there I was determined to sign up and win! And a week or two later I received an email that I had in fact won that spot I had desired and that the universe had co-operated with my wish, I was feeling great about this.
I had ‘Wings of Freedom’ by Yogiraj Siddhanath to read until the 2 day workshop was to commence, which only furthered my excitement and commitment to this inititation. The DVD and information evening was held on a rainy cold Saturday night, yet upon entering the building and ascending the stairs to the room, I felt the energy and presence of safety and warmth from Anand and the group. I am reassured internally that I am in the right place, at the right time and to allow the experience to unfold without expectations or attachment to any result of the initiation.
The evening began with a discussion about Kriya and introducing Yogiraj Siddhanath. The use of live videos and talks established a heart connection with Siddhanath, but also through the technique of Golden Lotus which I remain connected by, still today! Forging this heart connection by the Golden Lotus resulted in a few bodily sensations such as a stirring in my stomach, an audible grumbling or groaning which could be uncomfortable until my awareness was shifted towards the heart, where I could feel heat and vibration (a type of fast spinning) accumulating.
I experienced a type of tunnel vision and increased volume of voice while watching and listening to Yogiraj Siddhanath. I am completely aware of how loud and clear his voice is compared to the volume of my usually loud thoughts. I was able to watch, listen and actively participate in this experience without any level of distraction, agitation and fuss that I generally created for myself during meditation. I even had moments where I was thinking ‘Where are the thoughts?!’ for they were few and very far between. This clarity and quiet of mind offered me peace and tranquility, something I have to work hard for physically in a yoga practice!
The initiation was held the following day, we were instructed to wear white, and I was ready and completely willing to forge the golden lotus and learn the initial techniques of Kriya Yoga. The whole expereince is somewhat indescribable, besides words could only describe what this experience isn’t. I was loaded up with resources before we all departed now as friends, and I am looking forward to the next workshop I can attend in Sydney and have sent family and friends the information for Melbourne workshops. I am currently reading ‘Babaji The lightning standing still’ by Yogiraj Siddhanath and also ‘One Master one disciple’ by Jyoti Subramanian. The insights gained through the knowledge of Yogiraj Siddhanaths words and stories have been invaluable and I have a keen and very strong desire to go to India and meet Yogiraj Siddhanath at his Ashram in Pune. — Nicole – Sydney

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