Jyoti Subramanian

Jyoti Subramanian

A disciple of Yogiraj Siddhanath since 1998, ‘in this life’ as she believes that she has been with her Master in many previous lives. Kriyacharya Jyoti has been teaching the practices of the Siddhanath Yoga Parampara since 1999 when she was ordained an acharya by Yogiraj. She has been actively involved in organizing his events in Chandigarh and helping Gurumata Shivangini at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram, Pune for over 12 years. She, along with other Acharyas have also been conducting Teachers Training Programmes in India.

As instructed by Yogiraj she periodically visits Australia to meet with friends and the hamsa family here to strengthen and prepare the ground for Yogiraj’s visit in the near future. She has a special place in her heart for this country and has been visiting Australia since 1992. She feels blessed that she can contribute towards the spreading of Kriya Yoga here. Kriyayogaaustralia is happy to have her love and guidance and welcomes her as a representative of their Master Yogiraj Siddhanath.

Her book ‘One Master one disciple’ has been widely read and has contributed to informing people about her beloved Satguru Yogiraj and his teachings and guiding many to the path of Kriya Yoga. The book is about her discovery of her Master first in a vision and then the meeting as pre ordained at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram and her rapid transformation thereafter. The book is a reminder of the ancient tradition of faithful integrity that every disciple has to the Master and how a Living Master is individually connected to each and everyone of his disciples, hence the title ‘One Master one disciple.’

Her yoga studio in Chandigarh, now a spiritual centre of Kriya Yoga sees a steady stream of students from all age groups and from all corners of the world. Facing every adversity in her life with courage, equanimity and grace due to the infinite blessings of Yogiraj, she tries to inculcate the same in her students.

Her website is www.yogainlife.net and she can be contacted at jyoti@hamsa-yoga.org