Siddhanath Earth Peace Meditation


Every full moon night, Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath encourages us to sit for Earth Peace meditations at our individual homes anytime between the hours of 7 to 10pm local time. During the meditation session, there is a direct spiritual transmission from the Master. While experiencing “Still Mind”, humanity can experience oneness with the Creator, greater peace, and love. This great peace and love then can be released into all the world through the Earth Peace Meditation which utilizes group energy through chanting simple vowel sounds, visualization and intention.

You may learn Yogiraj’s Earth Peace Meditation technique through the video link, Earth Peace Meditation , or if you’d like to learn in person, contact your nearest Hamsacharya (teacher).

The Earth Peace Meditation:

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“There can be no earth peace unless there is self-peace. And hence, we call this the Earth Peace through Self Peace Meditation, which we teach freely to all the people as and when they come to the Hamsa Yoga Sangh. This meditation is a simple and valuable contribution of our organization so that the people of the earth may live in peaceful coexistence. There are two aspects to this pathway of peace. The pathway to earth peace is the Earth Peace Meditation, and the second pathway to self-peace is through the Surya Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, Golden Lotus and Kriya Yoga meditations.” –Yogiraj Siddhanath

The Earth Peace or Temple of Humanity mudra is formed at the top of the head touching one’s thumbs to the crown chakra (sahasrara) and pointing one’s index fingers upward toward the sky. The thumbs of the practitioner represent the disciple (shishya or soul) while the index fingers represent the guru (divine teacher or spirit).

The Earth Peace Mudra

Before we begin the Earth Peace Meditation we first connect with the spirit of humanity using the Earth Peace mudra or the Temple of Humanity.

Form the Temple of Humanity (known as the Earth Peace mudra or Jagat Shanti mudra or Manav Mandir mudra) at the top of your head and allow the spiritual energy to stream into the crown chakra, and pray:

“Oh Divine, flood my body, mind, and soul with the rainbow colored light of thy love, wisdom, and truth.”

Then inhale and hum the Omm…. during which you feel the actualization of the prayer you said above and feel your body vibrating, being recharged with the pranic light and energy of the spirit. After which you bring hands to normal position.

Now we begin the Earth Peace Meditation. The Earth Peace Meditation consists of two phases. The moon meditation has to be done first, followed by the sun meditation.

Moon phase

Sit in a comfortable position with back straight and shoulders slightly drooping down. Fold your hands in the namaskar posture, elbows parallel to the ground. Close your eyes and visualize yourself to be the cool full moon. Imagine in front of you the earth to be the size of a globe ball.

Take a slow long deep breath inhaling love, wisdom and peace through the nostrils with mouth closed. Hold for a couple of seconds. Then exhale the breath, making the sound of “Mmmmm” with a closed mouth, radiating cool rays of love for earth peace. Simultaneously moving your joined hands to the top of your head, forming there the diamond, then spreading the hands out in a circular motion until you come back to the navel, inverting your hands back to the namaskar posture.

Repeat this process of radiating love at least three times.

Sun phase

Sit in a comfortable position with back straight and shoulders slightly drooping down. Now transform yourself to be the spiritual sun. Imagine in front of you the earth to be the size of a globe ball and throw your hands up with head looking up to the sky.

Repeat the below steps at least three times.

Take a slow long deep breath inhaling love, wisdom, and peace through the nostrils with mouth closed.

Then exhale love, making the sound of “Aaaaaaa” continuously, visualizing six billion two hundred million swans (representing the six billion two hundred million souls on this earth) exploding with love from the heart, fingertips, and the third eye. Flood it with explosive vibrations of love. See that no soul is left unloved. Bombard them all.

Continue the explosive chanting of the first letter of the AUM, which is “Aaaaaa,” the creative sound of love.

Then when all of you are totally satisfied, the group leader will lower his/her hands and bring the Earth Peace Love meditations to a close.

The Earth Peace Meditation helps with burning of planetary karma and brings a feeling of lightness in our being.