Like many people, Simon commenced his kundalini kriya yoga journey when he read Paramahansa Yogananada’s spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi”, whilst travelling throughout India and from then he was drawn to learning kriya yoga. After several years travelling the world Simon and his partner Tiffany returned to Australia and settled in Byron Bay.

Simon was initiated into basic kundalini kriya yoga in 2013 by a teacher of Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath (Yogiraj) lineage. In the same year he was also initiated into advanced kundalini kriya yoga by one of Yogiraj’s senior Kriyacharya (senior kriya yoga teacher) named Jyoti Subramaniam.

Through practising kriya yoga Simon felt a strong connection with his spiritual master Yogiraj and has visited his ashram near Pune in south India, called ‘Siddhanath Forest Ashram’ and also attended retreat with Yogiraj at Rishikesh in northern India.

In 2018 Simon was made a Hamsacharya (kriya yoga teacher) under the lineage of Yogiraj. Simon initiates new students into kundalini kriya yoga and teaches teaches all students regularly in the Byron shire. He also offers introduction classes for those interested in learning the sacred practice and meditation of kriya yoga and supporting practices.

Simon lives in Byron Bay with Tiffany and their young children and he can be contacted at and on +61 410 640 646