Early life experiences have left me with a deep feeling for earth and all life and questioning prevailing views of what a human life was for. After studying agriculture and working in forest rehabilitation I based myself in the USA for two decades, working studying and learning in traditional sciences alongside body-mind work.  While there, I met a master Dorothy, and reexperienced the same awakenings I’d felt as a child.  The teachings led to a thirst for spirit, introduction to Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and from there to kriya yoga.

Along the way, I become a qualified hatha yoga teacher (250 and 500 hrs) taught in a hospital wellness centre, seniors, taught traumatized children, women and male health professionals in Afghanistan, and prisoners.

Upon returning to Australia, I’ve undertaken to rejuvenate the family farm near Ballarat and rehabilitate the local lake and interconnecting corridors. I was also asked to teach yoga and thanks to Altaf Dhannani able to reconnect with the kriya yoga lineage here. With Altaf’s and Jyoti’s help I’ve been initiated into advanced kriya and travelled in 2018 to the Siddhanath Forest Ashram at Pune in India to be in Yogiraj’s Presence and receive empowerment. I feel more confident, courageous and settled in a complex and uncertain world.

As a Hamacharya teacher I am privileged to share this practice as initiations, reviews, and other practices from Yogiraj.  I also offer restorative yoga that supports kriya yoga. These opportunities are the first and third Sundays in Melbourne at 9 Langswell Pde, Northcote. I also teach in Ballarat. Call for time and location.

You can contact Susan at and 0437 791 975