Omkar Kriya

Om is the sacred sound of creation, preservation and dissolution. The Omkar is the sound of the instant creation—and it is this Omkar technique, which I am going to teach you and initiate you into as the first Omkar Kriya.

Kriya Yoga vs Gayatri Mantra

In the mantras the Gayatri, along with the maha mrityunjai mantra, these are the two mantras which are very very spiritual and very powerful. But if you read carefully, you will understand that in the life of Lahiri Mahasaya, he practiced Gayatri mantra for 28 years and after that he went into Kriya… Babaji gave him the kriya. So what does this mean?

Kriya Yoga Alchemy: Self-Realization to God-Realization

To practice Kriya Yoga you do not have to be a believer in God, you do not have to be a non believer, you can be what you like to be and yet experience His joyous bliss and peace. That’s the beauty of yoga. It doesn’t tell you…religion tells you be this, be that, be hindu, be christian, be muslim, be japanese, be this.

God is everywhere, so why meditate?

Fine. God is everywhere. China said God is everywhere. And they raided Tibet. The Taliban and terrorists said God is everywhere—and they raided Afghanistan in Shardan, the Buddhist statues. Many companies are saying “God is everywhere; we love God,” and they are reading, they are making up a fraud of billions of dollars…So I know God is everywhere and you know God is everywhere. And so what? The world is carrying on as it is.

Concentration and Meditation Defined

You see one of the main factors about healing is to give people a lot of space. Our camps/Satsangs here are very intense. When I do, I do it with you very intense meditation. You have a lot of free space in the afternoon to fly around, you know and then again you come and we sharpen and it becomes intense till the time you sleep. Your mind is very focal, thinking on the blue of the GOD.

Life After Death

Life After Death

Is Death the final goal of life or is there life after death? And if there is life, what are the turns and twists and evolutionary journey in the life after death, until the soul is reborn again? This question has long perturbed humankind caught between medical sciences which have for long tried to prolong life, thinking it to be the only one, and the rishis and yogis who have claimed to conquer ultimate Death freeing themselves from the unending cycle of birth and death.

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